GrindoSonic® SA Semi Automatic system for 100% production Quality Control

The GrindoSonic® SA system combines Impulse Excitation with an automated vibration measurement arm to be able to measure large amounts of products in a semi automated way. A fully automated measurement can be realised by loading and unloading the instrument by means of a 3D manipulator or robot arm.
The natural frequency measured is an overal Quality parameter integrating hardness, presence of cracks, structural integrity, compound gluing quality and dimentional tolerances.


  • Automated measurement cycle
  • Immediate good/bad result feedback to operator
  • User settable acceptance limits
  • internal storage of measurements, addressable via network
  • Real-time data transmission over RS232


  • 3 seconds cycle time
  • measurement range from 20Hz to 100kHz
  • measurement accuracy of 0.005%
  • RS232 output port
  • 100V – 240VAC 50/60Hz power supply
  • infra-red hand and object detection