GrindoSonic® MK6 instrument for non-destructive measurement of Materials Characteristics based on Impulse Excitation Technique

The core apparatus measures various natural vibration frequencies on a very wide range of test objects through the use of the impulse excitation technique.


  • non-destructive measurements of elastic properties of materials
  • extremely rapid and simple: just a light tap is needed and the result is displayed within a fraction of a second
  • measurements of E- and G-modulus and Poisson’s ratio
  • an alternative to destructive testing as excellent correlations exist between breaking load and natural frequency
  • production process monitoring for launch and QA-QC
  • widest range of materials: ceramic, wood, composites, brick, concrete, ...
  • widest range of sizes from less then 100mg to 100ton
  • suitable for industrial and laboratory use

Technical Information

  • Frequency range 20 Hz - 100 KHz
  • Reference accuracy better than 0.005%
  • Vibration detector
  • Acoustic detector
  • Remote control inputs
  • Dual serial data output ports
  • Supply 100 - 240 VAC
  • Dimensions 40 x 30 x 14 cm.
  • Weight 9.5 Kg.
  • E- and G-modulus and Poisson’s ratio calculation software