GrindoSonic HT system for elevated temperature materials testing based on the Impulse Exitation Technique ( IET ) 

GrindoSonic® HT is the reference solution for high temperature materials testing up to 1200°C, optionally with inert gas atmosphere.


  • based on Industry standard GrindoSonic® measurement Technology
  • fully programmable ramping/dwelling temperature profile
  • programmable measurement intervals in 1 degree steps (ramp) or 1 second steps (dwell)
  • data recorded for post processing and analysis
  • E-modulus is calculated according to ASTM-E1876 standard


  • Impulse Exitation Technique ( IET ) based measurement principle
  • maximum working temperature of 1200°C
  • minimum sample temperature at start: -200°C
  • optional inert gas atmosphere